My inspiration for illustration came from playing video games, watching animated shows, horror movies, and reading comics at an early age. I started drawing as a kid and always doodled things, even until this point of my life now. At first, I wanted to draw comedic things to make people laugh. Then as I grew older and started to take art more seriously, I wanted to do more. Being exposed to different styles, themes, and mediums made me realize that I did not want to limit myself as an artist. Now I am focusing on concept art, character design, and graphic design. Creating art that falls in the genre of horror, fiction, sci-fi, dark, and fantasy. Capturing emotions is also one of my interests. Career wise, I think it is important to keep your options open and create different paths to expand your art. Art is a big world, I do not want to be stuck on one part of that world.  Feel free to contact me through my email:
Thank You!
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